Species Checklists

We have compiled lists of all species seen on the wetland and are in the process of publishing them here. Click on the link below to download the current species list of your choice:





               Bees and flies    (to come soon)

               Beetles and bugs    (to come soon)

               Grasshoppers etc.    (to come soon)

               Caddis flies    (to come soon)

               Fish    (to come soon)

               Reptiles and amphibians    (to come soon)

               Fungi    (to come soon)

               Mammals    (to come soon)

               Plants    (to come soon)

               Mosses and liverworts (Briophytes)    (to come soon)

Please e-mail any confirmed records of species not listed to sightings@avonmeadows.org.uk


Page last updated 28th January 2016





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