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July 2023

Wychavon District Council has taken over the path clearance and maintenance on Avon Meadow from the Volunteers.

A new feature has been added for our website for younger birdwatchers. We have an illustrated list of birds you might see on Avon Meadows. You should be able to see many of them on every visit! Click the Documents and Learning Resources and open the Bird Picture List

October 2020

Coronavirus is still with us so the usual precautions should be taken.

The contractor has started work on replacing the dipping platform.

The two foot bridges in the North Meadow have been removed as they need to be replaced.

April 2020 - Coronavirus

The wetland remains open for walking but we are restricted in the work parties we can operate under the current emergency - nature is not affected and happily getting on without us.

January 2019 - Dipping Platform Destroyed by Fire!

Bioblitz 2018! Saturday 16th June

Following the success of previous years, we held the 2018 Bioblitz on Saturday 16th June, starting with a dawn chorus bird walk at 05.00. The main event ran from 09.00 to midnight with opportunities to explore the wetland and its wildlife with a variety of experts - detailed results to follow.

All Day Birdwatch

This event ran from dawn until dusk; the purpose is to see how many different sorts of bird we can see in one day on Avon Meadows.  This year's took place on Saturday 28th April starting from the boardwalk at 05:00am for the dawn chorus.  Despite the coldest all-day birdwatch we have done, a total of 64 species were recorded!

Willow Cutting

A number of the old willows along Piddle Brook received attention from a tree surgeon in February 2018, some pollarded to prevent them splitting in half, some with rotten branches removed and most of the branches low over the brook have been removed.

Sheep Grazing

Please note that the sheep that have done such a good job over the last 3 months were removed from the site on 12 December 17.  Many thanks to all the dog owners using Avon Meadows for their forbearance while the sheep were there.

The Friends of Avon Meadows CIO becomes a registered Charity! August 2017

After a lot of hard work by the Hon. Treasurer and committee members, the Friends became a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) and was registered as a Charity on 2nd August 2017. This will open the door to funding streams for which we were not eligible as a community group. It will not change how the Friends operate, except that we need a more formal membership structure and records of AGMs etc. with annual reporting to the Charity Commission.

Green Hay Strewing July 2017

To enhance the species diversity of Middle Meadow, green hay was taken from Lazy Meadow near Evesham and spread by volunteers. An illustrated report can be downloaded here. (Large file 3.44 MB)

Management Plan Published

The 2017 Management Plan has been adopted - click  here to download a copy. Natural England have approved our application for Higher Tier Stewardship.

Bioblitz 2017 - Saturday 24th June saw another successful bioblitz - bringing our total species count over 1000!!

March 2017 - Another fundraising success!

We were very pleased to win Tesco's "bags of help" in early 2017! £4,750 towards supporting our local nature reserve.

New Avon Meadows smart phone app instructions

Please note that this app will only work with Android and iOS (Apple) operating systems.

‚ÄčTo get the best out of the app proceed as follows:

Download the app onto your smart phone or tablet from your usual app store by entering Avon Meadows.When you open it you will see the screen above.The two most interesting buttons are those on the top, both of which make use of your device's camera.Tap the top left Augmented Reality button and point your device's camera at the new map on the notice boards at the entrance to Avon Meadows. 

 Note that this part of the app will not function unless your device's camera can see the map.You will see creatures beginning to move around.  If you hit one with your finger a data sheet will appear to tell you all about it.Return to the Home Page by clicking the arrow at the top left.Tap the top right 3D Map button.Walk to one of the locations on Avon Meadows marked with an 'X' on the map.Tap the 'X' where you are standing and hold your device up so that its camera can see the scene over the meadows in front of you.  A pair of rotating black arrows will appear in the middle of the screen to show it is working.Then, magically, flowers will appear over the meadow on your device's screen.

To download the app, search for "Avon Meadows" at your usual iOS or Android app store. You can download the map here .


The Heron is back!

  January 2016 - more fundraising success!

Following the grant of £200 from ASDA Pershore, we are pleased to have received £800 from Persimmon Homes. The money will be used to buy materials for our volunteers to build an artificial bank for sand martins to nest in. These endangered birds have been seen on the wetland and along the River Avon, but there is nowhere local for them to build nests and raise a family.


Download the app onto your smart phone or tablet from your usual app store by entering Avon Meadows


The Friends of Avon Meadows CIO is a Registered Charity, registered number 1174083